David Walker has been leading and equipping people in corporate worship for over a decade, most of which has been spent at City Church in Greenville, SC, as well as an itinerant worship leader for conferences, retreats, city-wide gatherings and other events. He and his family over the last year have felt the call to start a worship/discipleship school for those who's hearts are oriented toward worship leadership. He has released two albums and has also been featured on one of Catalyst's worship albums. David, his wife Lauren and two children, Zoe and Levi, live in Greenville SC. To contact David or book him for an event please visit the booking section of the website.

David Walker


Content and Context

June 24th, 2013

And the word (content) was made flesh (context) and dwelt among us and thus we beheld His glory (John 1:14.) I was reminded last week how important the convergence of my content and context are. Every place I go has a different culture. Every community/family has a different “code of honor.” As someone who wants to serve and lead, it’s vital to discover what defines the “culture” you’re stepping into. You need more than strategy to do this, you need the discernment of the Holy Spirit. I believe the content I’m releasing is valuable, artistic and functions within more than one culture, however to fully allow the recipient to experience and understand, context is vital.

Remember in Luke 5 when the friends take their paralytic companion to see Jesus? Crowds where flooded in to see Jesus by the time they got arrived. The front door of the home Jesus was dwelling in…..completely blocked. The friends wanted their companion to be transformed and healed and the most accesible direct way was to use was the front door. If I’m honest, I probably would have looked at the situation and thought, oh well, the door is blocked, we’ll catch Jesus another time, there’s too many people around to get to him.

The friends were relentless. They looked at the context and got really creative. You know the rest of the story, they hoisted their friend down after pulling some tiles from the roof of the house and lowered him right in front of Jesus. Jesus responds (v20) Seeing their faith, Jesus said to the man, young man your sins are forgiven, then proceeds to heal the man in the face of controversy by the teachers of the Law.

May we be people who are relentlessly creative for those needing transformation around us. May we understand what Jesus fully did when He made his dwelling among us. He entered into our story, into our context to fully be like us. As he became like us, we discovered the power and transforming nature of his heart for us. Holy Spirit give us the opportunity to lead and serve with the convergence of context and content that leads to transformation. Amen.

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